Greening the Cities- free webinar

Interested in how to “Green” our Cities?  Attend a free web seminar to learn from top experts.  Entitled “Retrofitting Cities: How to “Green” the Cities We’ve Got”, the live webinar will be held this Monday, November 22nd at 1pm ET.  (Event free but registration required).

The webinar is hosted by the Sustainable Cities Collective, and it is presenting the discussion “to explore the ideas that could make retrofitting the low-hanging fruit of urban re-engineering,” including:

  • Transit networks and mobility hubs
  • Improving energy use in buildings
  • Bike infrastructure, bike-sharing, and more
  • Efficient electric grids
  • Small-scale solar power and other alternative energy sources
  • Funding: Where will the money come from? Can solutions like public-private partnerships help fill the gap?

(hat tip to Chris Cheatham, Green Building Law Update blogger and seminar speaker, who alerted me to the webinar)

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