Make this Year Better than the Last (Tue Tip)


Marketing starts with getting in the door!

Want to polish your marketing skills?  Two upcoming webinars will discuss how to  “Make this Year Better than the Last”  for contractors.

David Lupberger, owner of The Remodeler’s Turnkey Program and author of Managing the Emotional Homeowner, is presenting a “recession-proof” business model that claims to increase sales.  In the webinar, he will review the concept of a proactive home care business model that some contractors are using to book work as much as 12 months in advance. 

Two sessions are scheduled:

Wednesday, December 29 at 11 am Eastern   or  Thursday, January 6 at 8 pm Eastern

Sign up to learn more about this marketing concept!  And then stop by here and tell me what you liked or didn’t like about the webinar and any useful insight you got.


Photo: White House Front Door by Luigi Crespo via Flickr/Creative Commons license.

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