Free Webinar: Underground Construction Claims (and what to do about them!) (Tue Tip)

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The good folks at Hall & Company have another upcoming free webinar, entitled “Underground Construction Claims: Avoidance, Mitigation and Management”

The webinar is scheduled for August 9, 2011 at 1:00 ET.  Click here to register.

The event will feature speaker Dr. Conrad W. Felice, Ph.D., P.E., P.Eng., D. GE. of C. W. Felice LLC, and he will speak on  
• Understanding risk in underground projects
• Practices for managing risk and avoiding and mitigating claims
• Future and direction of the use of underground space  

Obviously, interested engineers will want to attend.  The program notes that architects may also want to attend, as the management of underground risks is one of the highest liability areas in the design profession, often entails working with latent defects similar to those in renovation and preservation work.  Many of risk avoidance mechanisms that will be discussed can be used in other design settings. 

Will you attend?  I’m signed up to attend, baring a court hearing or somesuch.  Let’s compare notes!


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