Tell me what construction law topics to write about, & you could win!

Here is a bribe.  But an honest one, that will benefit us both.  You tell me (via email, comment, tweet, or phone call) a topic, subject, case, or other area that you’d like to see specifically addressed here on Construction Law in North Carolina.  Everyone who submits an idea will be entered into a drawing.  For those with really great ideas, I reserve the right to enter their name into the drawing twice. 

thinking cap
Get your thinking cap mojo on!


The winner will get a free 1 year, 12 issue subscription to the print version of  Architectural Record as thanks.  

Ready? Set?  Get your thinking caps on and send me your ideas!  I’ll close out this contest at 9/1/2011 at 12:01 a.m., and the winner will be announced on the blog. 


Photo: “Thinking cap” by Matthew Allard via Creative Commons license.

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  3. This may be too far outside the track, I would enjoy your views on the recent Washington state Supreme Court decision in Michaels v CH2M Hill. I see it adding a lot of specificity to an engineer’s duty.


    • Tim-
      Thanks for the suggestion. Good cases from anywhere are good cases. I’ll plan a post on it.


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