And the winner is….

Thanks for everyone who submitted suggestions in the Tell Me What Construction Law Topics to Write About contest.  I’ve received many good ideas, which you will see in the coming weeks. 

I also enjoyed some doozy stories, including one in which a contestant (not our winner, for the record) called one type of construction professional the most “ruthless underbelly of life God ever created“.   I won’t state which profession was called that, for fear of starting a flame war.  But rest assured, it was one of the more memorable comments I received!


The underbelly of a bridge…. not quite what the commentator had in mind!


After entering all the names into my highly scientific lottery cup, I had my assistant draw the winning name to ensure it was all on the up and up.  (You know lawyers, always making sure to cover our tracks!).

And the winner is……….. Andy Mullins, of Advanced Contractors in Holly Springs, NC.   Andy, a subscription to Architectural Record will be headed your way.

Got a topic you want to see addressed? Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean you have no say.  Comment below with your burning questions and issues!

Photo:  Severn Crossing Underbelly 2 by Dan Pope via Creative Commons license.

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  1. I recently attended an event for concrete contractors. A lengthy discussion was held on the topic of cell phones, distracted driving and driver safety. It inspired this editorial column in my magazine:
    I would like to see an post addressing cell phones/employee driving policies and the legal consequences a business owner might face by not having such a policy on the books. Thanks!


    • Rebecca:
      Thanks for your comment and suggestion. Your editorial is spot-on! Look for a post on legal issues re cell phone use in the next month. (I’ll shoot you an email when I publish)


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