A note of Thanks to my blog readers

turkey imageHappy Thanksgiving Everyone!  This Thanksgiving I am thankful for many things.  Among them: my loyal blog readers.  I hope that I continue to provide you each with timely, relevant information to make your practice just a little bit easier.

I’ll leave you with a link to the original debate over America’s national symbol, and how Benjamin Franklin thought the Turkey would have made a better choice over the American Bald Eagle.  What, then, would we eat on Thanksgiving?


Photo:  (c) Briar Press via Creative Commons license.

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  1. Tim:
    Funny! Thanks for the disclaimer
    … would hate to have the Feds or PETA on my case!


  2. We would still eat the turkey. It is my understanding that bald eagle tastes just awful!!
    (Before Fish and Game descend I want to make clear the last part is a joke.)


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