Contract Review Services: Details & Fees

A question that I frequently am asked is “How much will it cost to have you review/write/edit my contract/proposal/terms of service?”  The details of the contract scope determine the fees involved; however, this page will give you a basic overview of the types of reviews available, what is included in each review category, and the estimated fee range.

Simple contract or proposal review

A simple contract or proposal is a document of 1 to 3 pages in length that has generally short, standard terms and conditions.  It may not provide for every contingency, nor address the unique needs of larger projects.  A simple contract/proposal review will include the following:

  • Pre-review client interview to discuss project particulars or areas of concern
  • Line by Line review of terms and conditions for accuracy, appropriateness, and legalities
  • Drafting of needed language and/or revision to existing terms and conditions
  • Follow-up discussions with client to answer questions and review revised contract/proposal

Usually ranges from $800 to $1,250


Moderately complex contract review 

A moderate contract review is a document or combination of documents that is intended for larger, lengthier projects and generally, although not always, fewer than 8 pages of text.   A moderate contract/proposal review will include all of the elements of a simple contract review, and also include additional discussions, review, and coordination, including the following additional services:

  • Multiple revisions of terms and conditions
  • Interim client review & discussion to discuss modifications during drafting process
  • Coordination of contracts and proposals to ensure consistency

Usually ranges from $1,000 to $2,800


Complex contract review 

A complex contract review generally consists of multiple documents, including proposals, contracts, terms & conditions, and supplemental conditions.  It generally is reserved for large or lengthy projects, although some specialty contracts also fall under this category.  A complex contract review will include all of the elements of a simple and moderate contract review, and also include various additional services, as needed, including:

  • Review of and assistance with communications to your client about contract negotiations
  • Incorporation of your proposal and other documents into the contract suite of documents
  • Working with counsel for your client to negotiate mutually agreeable terms
  • Line by line review and editing of contract or related documents presented to you by your client
  • Drafting of any additional agreements needed to supplement the contract

Usually ranges from $2,500 to $4,500


If you want to discuss your particular contract needs, please contact me.