Is there a dead body in your future? The first sign of trouble on the construction project (Law & Order: Hard Hat files Part 1)

Nobody dies in a construction dispute.  At least most of the time! However, just as the usual “thunk-thunk” chord in Law & Order warns the viewer that something is awry, there are warning signs that your construction project may be under similar dire straights.  You should recognize these signs for what they are—early-warning lawsuit detection […]

Explaining Negligence in the Construction Industry (Guest post)

Today, a guest post by Anne Roberts.  Anne Roberts is a freelance writer. She writes blog posts, how-to articles, SEO copies, and many other types of content for several websites. Anne is currently a web content writer for personal injury attorneys.  (But we like her anyway!!) Explaining Negligence in the Construction Industry The construction world can be regarded […]

Planning Ahead for Additional Compensation

Does your designer contract have provisions in it for additional compensation in the event the construction project takes longer than the parties anticipate?  If you use the AIA 201 (2007) general conditions for the Contractor, it may.  The AIA provisions include:    § 1.1.2 THE CONTRACT The Contract Documents form the Contract for Construction. The Contract represents […]

About Me & Contact Info

More than You Ever Wanted to Know About Me… Hi!  My name is Melissa Dewey Brumback, and I am  a partner at Ragsdale Liggett PLLC, a law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina.   I chose the legal profession quite simply because I love to argue debate.  Seriously.   After losing one too many debates with me in my younger years, […]

Scope of your Design Services: Make Yours Detailed to Save Cavities Later! (Law note)

I’ve written in the past about the benefits of having not only an explicit Scope of Work, but also a set of Exclusions from the Scope of Work, in your proposals and contract documents.  Recently, this issue has come up again for me in the course of advising clients who are now facing litigation over whether […]