Tuesday Tip | Tax incentives for Green projects

green escalatorInterested in green building but skeptical about how it will increase your costs?  Before ruling out the concept, don’t forget to consider the tax incentives for green building.  Between the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit, federal cash grants for energy projects, North Carolina incentives for renewable energy property, and NC’s Green Building Incentive, there are ample opportunities to make “going green” a more appealing choice on your next building project.

For a look at some of the tax incentives available, check out Getting Green for Going Green- Tax incentives for energy-efficient projects.   [Update- link no longer working as of 11/22/2010]

You can also explore the database of North Carolina incentives for renewables and efficiency.  For projects outside of North Carolina, search the national database for tax incentives for going green.

If you are a homeowner interested in energy efficiency, you too may be able to get in on the green movement.  The Home Star legislation being considered by Congress, if it passes, will provide tax credits for making energy improvements to your house.


Photo “the green ascent” by vsz via Flickr via Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License.



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