Tues Tip: Free Construction Marketing seminars

Recently I was contacted by  a digital marketing agency in Portland, OR about their upcoming series of free 45 minute seminars called “Compelling Action Through Internet Marketing in the Construction Industry”.

Each Thursday for the next several Thursdays, they are running a Web-based Seminar at 11:00 AM PDT (That’s 2:00PM EDT).  The agenda includes:

  • The Basics of Internet Marketing – What is it?  Why is it Relevant?
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Opportunities in Internet Marketing
  • Compelling Action and How to Succeed in Internet Marketing
  • How Internet Marketing Applies to the Construction Industry

Disclaimer:  I have not yet attended this Webinar myself, but it looks promising.  I plan to attend the one this Thursday.  If you plan to attend any of the sessions, let me know what you think.


construction sign


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  1. Please forward any tips to help create awareness of my business


    • Hi Tony! No tips per se, but keep reading and following along as occassionally marketing pro’s will guest post here!


  2. Do you have any public access Construction Law seminars planned in the near future?


    • Hi Bobby!

      Not that I’m aware of right now; however, whenever I hear of any (or get involved in any) I’ll post here to the blog so stay in touch. Any particular area of construction law you are interested in?


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