Timing can be everything (Tues Tip)

alarm clockIt is always easiest, cheapest, and surest to deal with legal issues right away.   Problems ignored are problems amplified.  A recent North Carolina Court of Appeals cases prove the point:

In the recent NC Court of Appeals case Meier v. City of Charlotte (Aug. 17th, 2010), the Court held that a zoning administrator’s determination could not be appealed because the plaintiff failed to appeal within the 30 days provided by law and, therefore the Board of Adjustment no longer had jurisdiction to hear the appeal.  The petitioners are left to live next to an (allegedly) 50 foot tall house.

This case demonstrates that timeliness is crucial to your case when dealing with the courts.  Don’t delay if you think you have a cause of action, because delay could mean you lose before your case even gets out of the gate.


Photo “Alarm Clock”  by Freefoto.com via Creative Commons License.

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