Pre-holiday reminder: plan for delays (Tues Tip)

colored leafAs the weather (finally) begins to turn to fall, people begin to make plans for fall and winter holidays with family and friends.  While negotiating the ins and outs of whos turn is it to get you for Thanksgiving this year, remember to plan for holiday delays on your construction projects.

Schedules matter.  And yet, vacations, holidays, weather, sickness, and other delays happen.  As I’ve written about previously on this blog, it is important that you prepare for delays in advance & document unanticipated delays

You know you will not have a full crew working 100% between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or between Christmas and the start of the new year.   Neither will your subcontractors.   Plan on it, and accomodate those delays now, ahead of time.

You also need to make temporary arrangements to fill in the gaps during holidays and vacations– both your own absence from the project and that of other trades.    Figure out who should be the contact person in charge in your absence.  Notify everyone who needs to know.  Inquire of your subs, owners, and material suppliers how they are staffing around the holidays.  Advance planning now equals fewer chances for costly delays.

Think of it as an early present to yourself to save yourself from last minute problems!


Photo “Fall Color, Autumn Colour, New England” by via Creative Commons License. 

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