Contractor working in neighboring state? Read these blogs! (Tues Tip)

glassesWant more construction law?  Want to read about case and statutory developments in other southeastern states?

If you work in one of North Carolina’s neighboring states, check out the Blogroll  for blogs written specifically by construction attorneys practicing in Virginia (Chris Hill & Tim Hughes), South Carolina (Clay Olson), and Tennessee (Matt DeVries).

While you’re there, check out all of the other fine bloggers too.  There is a lot of good information being volunteered by folks across the nation to help you as you encounter legal issues in your construction business.

Am I missing somebody that I should include on the blogroll?  If so, let me know!


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  1. Hi Melissa, I’m a sub contractor here in NC that installs flooring. I’ve done some work in a few costumers homes for a huge flooring company out of Georgia that has an office here. I told them I couldn’t sub threw them anymore because of the timely fashion that they started paying us. Now their withholding my money they owe me because they said I quit and there holding my money for back charges, but they already have a 3,500 dollar retainer of mine. Can I take out liens on the properties I installed flooring in?


    • Yes, you can lien property that you worked on. However, be aware that if the owner of the property has paid everything they owe to the general contractor, then you won’t have any lien on the real property. You can also sue the contractor here in NC for breach of contract, in addition to perfecting the lien.


  2. Friends I’ve Met Through Musings | Construction Law Musings- Richmond, VA
  3. I agree with Doug’s recs, though I am not sure DC is part of the Southeast! 🙂


  4. Great list, Melissa. I would add D.C.’s Chris Cheatham ( and S.C.’s Ryan McCabe (


    • Doug:

      Thanks for the comments. Of course, Chris is great and part of my blogroll. I forget that DC should be considered part of the SE, too! Somehow, I’ve missed Ryan McCabe– thanks for letting me know about his blog. Will be adding him to the blogroll now.


  5. Thanks for the mention Melissa! I appreciate the support.


  6. Your Blog is The Bomb Biggity,…!!!!
    semper fi,…snooky


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