ConsensusDocs v. AIA: a useful chart (Tue Tip)

one large and one small strawberry

Which strawberry (er, form contract) will YOU choose?

In advance of the ConsensusDocs training, thought you might like to see a handy comparison chart  of the common ConsensusDocs forms to their standard AIA counterparts.

The chart is produced by the folks at ConsensusDocs, so I’m sure any ambiguities were interpreted in their favor.  That being said, if you are considering using a different standard form contract for your next project, you might want to check it out!

Have you taken the plunge into the ConsensusDocs?  Prefer to stick by the tried and true AIA documents?  Are you an EJCDC maverick instead?  Drop me a line to tell me why you use the contract you do.


Photo (c) This is Chris via Creative Commons License.

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