A Building Code Engineer’s perspective on the Earthquake

Imad Naffa

Imad Naffa

After my post on the Japan Earthquake last week, I heard from Civil Engineer Imad Naffa.  Imad is a self-described “atypical Civil Engineer with passion for providing Building, Fire, Accessibility, ADA, LEED, Green and AEC related info. and resources”  and the President and Founder  of Naffa International, Inc., a Building Code Consulting Firm based in Fresno, California.

Imad has written about the Earthquake and Tsunami from the Building Code perspective in an article for his Blog entitled “Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami My take as a Building Codes Engineer.”   Check it out, as well as his interactive, curated Earthquake site.     Editor’s Note:  Since this was first posted, Imad has passed away.  His blog was apparently taken down by his family, who have my deepest sympathies.  Imad was a creative, knowledgeable, and kind man.  He is missed.

Do you agree with Imad that  it is imperative that the U.S. improve and update design, construction  methods and building codes?  Let Imad and me know your thoughts in the Comment section, below.    And, if you are interested in Building Code resources, be sure to check out his comprehensive list of Technical Links, which I am adding to this Blog’s Resources page.

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