Fun & Apps for Designers (Tue Tip)

Apologies for the absence….. I took an extended vacation and, as always, work has piled up.  Yet another real world example of the need to plan, and then plan some more, for holidays and downtime on the job


Jumping back into the swing of things, today I came across an article that is sure to have a gem or two of interest to any designer.  Check out this article on iphone and ipad apps for designers.  There are some neat finds among the list, including:

  • the ColorSnap app by Sherwin Williams, which allows you to use your iPhone as a portable color swatch
  • the CAD Touch app, which allows you to draw floor plans, land surfaces, diagrams, and more on the fly

There are many more apps listed in the article that you might find helpful.  Happy exploring!

Do you have a favorite design application?  Share in the comments, below.


Photo:  iPhone firmware/software update 1.0.1 via Scott Schiller/Creative Commons license.