Get Your Flu Here! (aka: Don’t Miscommunicate on Your Construction Project!) (Tue Tip)

Continuing our theme from last week’s donkey sign about communicating clearly with your client, today we have another sign to add to our growing collection.  This one is an example of marketing-gone-awry, and comes to us from the good folks at Target:

Flue HQ sign

Now, I’m sure the marketing folks though that “Flu HQ” was a nice little rhyme.  However, I’m not sure Target really wants to be known as the headquarters of the annoying, damaging, and sometimes fatal disease called the flu. 

I’m sure what Target meant by “Flu HQ” was that it carried all of the supplies and medicines needed to help alleviate flu symptoms.  But that’s not exactly what it is saying by this sign.

I can hear some of you now saying that I’m arguing semantics, which is typical for a lawyer.  Remember, though, when it comes to large construction disputes– everyone has a lawyer (or two, or three) and semantics will come into play

Consider this another fair warning to have your construction contracts in place, and vetted by both your attorney and your insurance carrier to prevent miscommunication.


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