Free money for design professionals (and other lucky folks)? (Tue Tip)

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Okay, I’m technically cheating.  Today’s Tip is not specific to architects or engineers.  However, it is something that might put a little dough in your pocket that you didn’t even know you had coming to you.

Have you heard about the websites that can help you locate money due to you from a state government’s unclaimed property account?  This is money that is due to folks from old utility accounts, cell phone accounts, and the like.  If the company cannot locate the person they owe the refund to, they escheat it to the state.

Spend 5 minutes the next time you are internet surfing to see if you are owed any money.  Start with MissingMoney and plug in your name (and likely misspellings of your name).  You will note that many states (including North Carolina) are not yet listed with that national site; however, the MissingMoney site will give you the quick link to those states’ websites for “lost money”.  (North Carolina’s website for unclaimed money is here).

In playing around with these sites the other day, I found money owed to my Uncle, a cousin, and a college roommate.  While I didn’t find any money due to *me*, it was still a worthwhile exercise.  Everyone can use “free money” when they happen upon it, right?


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