An Engineer interviews Santa Clause — and the red-suited man is NOT happy!

This post has nothing to do with the law.  After all, how cheery and festive can one make litigation issues?  Yeah, I thought so.  Anyhow, as you get ready for Christmas this year, remember the poor fat man in the red suit!  Below is part of an interview between Engineer (and EDN Blogger ) Jit Lim and Mr. Clause, and he is not happy.

santa and his posse

JL – Hi, Mr. Clause. My name is Jit Lim, I’m a senior technologist for a company called Tektronix.

SC – Mr. Clause? Don’t be so formal. Call me Santa. Can I call you Jit?

JL – Sure, Santa.

SC – Senior technologist, does that mean you’re an engineer?

JL – Close. As a senior technologist, I look at not only current technology but future technology, as well.

SC – So you’re responsible for creating new products? I’ve got to say that I’m a little perturbed about the speed at which you engineering types are launching new toys that people want for Christmas.

JL – Yes, I help make new products, but my company doesn’t actually make consumer goods. We make test equipment that makes it easier for companies to make those new toys. We like to say we “enable innovation.”

SC – Oh, so it’s your company and companies like yours that make it easier for all that new-fangled stuff to come out so fast?

JL – Well, yes. Is there a problem with that?

SC – Is there a problem?! You bet there’s a problem! What do you think goes on those lists I have to make every year? Toy soldiers? Dolls? Train sets! No. No. No. They want PlayStations, iPads, laptops. When kids started asking me for Wii’s I thought they needed to go to the bathroom, but it turns out it’s one of those new-fangled games.

JL – I don’t understand, Santa. What’s the problem?

SC – Do you know how fast those things change, “Mr. Enabling Innovation?” I can’t keep up. A perfect example is the iPad. It comes out in March of 2010, and by some miracle I was able to get my production up and running just in time for Christmas that year. I figured I get a jump-start on 2011 and start production early, and then in March they announce the iPad2. Do you know what it takes to re-train an elf?

JL – Well, no. But …

SC – I’ve got an excess inventory of iPads because I started producing too early and then I had to stop production and gear up for iPad2’s. Do you think Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace, gave me a call to give me a heads-up? Nope. He’s too busy innovating. No consideration for one of his most important supply chains.

To read the rest of this highly amusing interview, head over to EDN.

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Photo (c) Whispering Crane blog 12/24/2006 via Creative Commons license.

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