Shameless Self Promotion (Please Vote!)

As long-time blog readers may remember, last year I won the “Best Construction Blog” award from Construction Marketing Ideas, thanks in large part to you.  The “shameless marketing favor” post has come ’round again, with a twist. 

cool keyboard construction

Right now, Construction Law in North Carolina has been nominated for TWO different award competitions.  If you have a minute (or two- get it?) to spare, I’d love your vote in both places: 

  • Construction Marketing Ideas “Best Construction Blog” contest.  (Scroll down about halfway to find Construction Law in North Carolina.  Note that this blog is not Construction Law Carolinas, which is colleague Greg Shelton’s very good Charlotte-based blog.  You can, however, vote for *both* of us, and any other blog which strikes your fancy, as there is no limit to which nominees you can vote for.  Voting ends 5 p.m. on March 30, 2012.
  • JDR’s Annual Industry Blogger Award, in the “Construction Business” category.  (Full disclosure: this one comes with a small $ stipend if I by any chance win!).  Voting ends April 13, 2012.

Would love to have your votes in one or both!  And be sure to check out all the other fine blogs at both contests– you will find some gems among the nominees.

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