Key Construction Contract Provisions– a CLE Webinar featuring yours truly!

Happy Friday everyone!  Just wanted to drop you all a note to tell you of my upcoming webinar on construction contracts.  In connection with Strafford Publishing, and my blog buddies Chris Hill and Craig Martin, on Tuesday we’ll be presenting a webinar entitled:

Drafting Construction Contracts:  Key Provisions and Common Pitfalls

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(Photo definitely NOT a realistic representation of the speakers!)

Course Outline

  1. Strategies for drafting key payment provisions
    1. Terms & requirements
    2. Payment methods
    3. Progress payments & payment withholding
    4. Retainage & final payment
  2. Understanding & modifying key construction contract terms
    1. Scope of services
    2. Duties of the parties
    3. Changes to the project
    4. Termination issues
  3. Dealing with default
    1. Damages
    2. Dispute resolution

When:  this Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Time:  1:00 pm- 2:30 pm, ET

Registration:  Click Here to register for 50% off  the list price, as my blogging guest.  I also have a few free tickets to the event, so if you are a client and want to attend for free, shoot me an email.

“See” you there!

Photo: (c) karkovski.

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