Gone Fishin’ (& Easy Email Tip to Prevent Lawsuits!) (Tue Tip)

fishing poleI’m writing this post in advance of its publication, as I plan to be out of town when this post goes live.  So today’s Tip will be short and sweet– but nevertheless extremely important.  It comes to us from Audrey Thomas of Organized Audrey.

Here’s Audrey’s “Etiquette Nugget:  Listen to Your Gut”:

If you’ve ever found yourself about to press send, but you get a feeling in your gut that is telling you not to, listen to your gut. There’s a reason why it’s speaking to you.

Perhaps you find yourself thinking these thoughts:

“This is probably going to tick him off.”

“This will put her over the edge.”

“I hope my client doesn’t misinterpret the pricing I’ve laid out for them.”

“I hope they read through this twice before responding back to me.”

If you’ve ever had these or similar thoughts, don’t press send. Instead, have a voice-to-voice conversation regarding the matter by picking up the phone or visiting the person face-to-face.

Another option for those emails that might be a bit “edgy,” is to put them in your drafts folder overnight. It’s amazing what rest can do for your mind and your gut.

I whole-heartedly agree.  I will add:  never put anything in writing (including email) that you wouldn’t want your Grannie to read.  Stay safe out there!

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