Quick Favor: Legal Blog contest

smilesA quick favor?  My goal on this blog has been to educate you to risks and give you strategies on how to manage the legal minefield that is part of being a practicing design professional.  I hope that you have found information, news, and tips that have helped your practice.

If so, I’d welcome a vote in the “Best Legal Blogs” contest being run right now by The Expert Institute.  Apparently, they had over 2,000 nominations, so to be one of the 250 selected to participate is an honor.  There are some massively famous/popular blogs among the nominees, and right now I have a total of 19 votes (ahem!), but then again, so do many other fine blogs.  While I don’t expect to win, it would be nice to place. (or is it show? I’m not much into horse racing).

If you are short on time, go here and you can vote directly for my blog   If you have more time, and want to explore other fine blogs, go here to check out some of the “competition” in the “niche and specialty” category.  You can vote for more than one blog, so have had it!

The vote counting is by IP, so even though my whole office, of COURSE, loves them some Construction Law in NC, they could not stuff the ballot box  all vote here at Ragsdale Liggett.

The competition ends Thursday night (actually, 12:00 AM this Friday, October 9th), so do it now before you forget.  THANKS!


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