Vacation during a Project? Time for your Construction Documents to Shine!

Happy Lazy Day Everyone!  What’s that?  You didn’t know that August 10th is considered National Lazy Day?   Well, it is.  And it ties nicely in with today’s theme: how to take a vacation during the thick of the construction project.

Everyone needs a break.  You are no different.  It can seem, however, that it is impossible to disconnect from the ongoing onslaught of questions, requests for information, change orders, pay applications, and the like.  But you can.  The key to taking–and enjoying–your vacation is to plan ahead.  This is the time for your construction documents to shine.  Make sure that your designs are on schedule; make sure that the change orders and RFIs have been processed so there is no backlog.  And make sure that your second in command is familiar enough with the day to day details to step into your shoes for the duration.


Then– be sure to give everyone notice.  Is it any of their business that you are taking some time off?  No.  However, everyone procrastinates.  So, if you give the entire team advance notice that you will be “off grid” starting on X date, they will be more inclined to get pending issues to you sooner rather than later.  They won’t want to be stalled on progress, and with a heads up on when you are out of pocket, they will make it a priority to get requests to you ahead of your departure date.

Will this be more work for you before you set sail? Yes.  A recommendation:  consider fudging the truth a little on your departure date.  Don’t tell the team the *exact* date you start your vacation— give them a day or two ahead of that.  Then you can use that “extra” time to respond to all of those last minute inquiries, and still be on time for your actual holiday.

Will things go wrong while you are on vacation?  Probably.  But will this advance notice help?  Absolutely.  Give it a try.

Do you have vacation-work horror stories?  Tips that made it easier for you?  Share in the comments below, or drop me an email. 

Photo Vacation by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free