A turn-around in the business of Architecture?

Architecture Buildings looking up

Architectural billings are up, according to the AIA Architectural Billing Index (ABI).   The ABI was up slightly in February to 50.6 (compared to 50 in January), marking the fourth straight month at 50 or higher – after nearly three years of almost uniformly decreasing billings.  As Mike Purdy notes on his Public Contracting Blog, the increase in architectural services usually foreshadows increases in all downstream construction activity.

Visit Mike’s post for links to more detailed information relating to the ABI.

How is your Firm’s net profit?  Are you holding steady?  Seeing an uptick?  Drop me a note and tell me your biggest legal challenge holding you back, and I’ll address it in a future post, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

 Photo (c) Dennis Mojado via Creative Commons license.

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