Sleep, perchance to get LEED credit? (Tue Tip)

dog sleeping on the job

Sleep.  A subject dear to my heart.  I currently have a coffee mug at work that says: “Eat. Sleep. Read.”  Seriously; that’s what it says.  (h/t to Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville for the mug).  What does sleep have to do with the subject of construction law besides, that is, the potential of any legalese to cure insomnia?  LEED-sanctioned nap rooms.

What is that you say? Never heard of such a thing?  Well, now you have.  There is a move afoot to get the USGBC to give LEED credit (that is, green design credit) for buildings that utilize nap rooms.  According to Rob Freeman of, such nap-specific spaces might qualify in future LEED rating systems based on the proven benefits of napping on employee productivity.

I knew there was as reason I loved my naps….. productivity, of course!

Seriously, do you think a “nap room credit” should become part of a future LEED rating system?  What about the issue raised by a commenter to the article, that the use of the room might change over time, negating the positive impacts?  Share your thoughts below. 


Photo:  Sleeping on the Job by SEO via Flickr/Creative Commons license.

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