The post you’ve been waiting for: Construction Law’s Official Policy on Guest Posts!

It had to happen sooner or later, I guess.  Folks have been coming out of the wood-work (yes, that’s a pun) to ask if I accept guest posts to my blog.  The short answer is yes, I do.  However, there are rules & considerations for such a post:

Wanted: a few good guest bloggers

1. The post must actually have a point.  Seriously, I’ve seen some pretty lame, SEO-based tripe.  If the article doesn’t have any meat on it, don’t bother sending it along.  [The post must also have no more than 2 requested hyperlinks, preferably in your introduction and not the article itself.]

2. The point of the post (see Rule 1) should benefit the construction community.  Bonus points if it actually speaks directly to architects and/or engineers.

3.  While you can ask me ahead of time if a certain topic would be appropriate, I reserve the right to not post your article if it doesn’t live up to 1 and 2, above.

4.  I may edit your post for grammar, spelling, punctuation, brevity, or content reasons.  By submitting an article to me for consideration, you expressly agree in advance to such editorial changes necessary to your work.

5.  If (and only if) you have a relevant & germane website of your own, a reciprocal link is appreciated.

6.  I attempt to use Creative Commons licensed photos for every post.  It’s helpful, although not a requirement, to submit a Creative Commons image with the article.  If you submit a suggested image (with appropriate link and credit info on the copyright holder), you make it much easier on me.  Easier on me = much more likely to post the article for you.  Got it?

7.  Believe it or not, in addition to being your blog editor/writer/bottle-washer-in-chief, I also have a law practice.  Sometimes it will take me a few days, or in some rare cases, even a week, before I can reply to your email.  Don’t take it personally, and feel free to remind me if you haven’t heard back.  I answer all non-spam email, but it may take awhile if I’m working out of town, in trial, or in depositions.  I’m not at all offended if you remind me of your pending request.

8.  Having no doubt scared off all wanna-be-guest writers with this post, I do actually welcome and appreciate well-written, helpful articles.  I will happily share my blog as a platform for those who have something meaningful to say.  In particular, folks in the industry– lawyers, architects, engineers, contractors, insurance reps– are almost always welcome to submit guest posts.

Any other questions?  Contact me and we can talk.  THANKS!

PS:  I’ll be placing this post on a separate blog page for easy reference after the original publication date.

 Photo: adapted from Vanagon Blog thru Creative Commons license.


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