Sobering Facts for Construction Safety Day

construction site fatalitiesHappy “Construction Safety Day” everyone!  James White of Maxwell Systems, has shared with me an infographic showing all sorts of data about construction fatalities.

As you might expect,  falls are the #1 source of construction-site fatalities, followed by being struck by falling objects, electrocution, and being caught between objects, in that order.  Together, these “fatal four” make up 57% of all construction worker deaths.

To view the complete infographic, click here.

Thanks, James, for the sobering reminder.

2 thoughts on “Sobering Facts for Construction Safety Day

  1. Don Lyon says:

    Here’s what I find about “these days”. They’re a thought, not an action; not a mindset.
    These “days” are essentially a thought for a day, proclaimed by a feel good moment, wherein the practice is forgotten after the day, well until next year when someone reminds them, “hey tomorrow’s Construction Safety Day! Huh?”

    On this “day”, how many sites re-invigorate the moment, beyond the moment?
    How has this proclamation word gotten out?
    How has this designated day changed construction safety?

    For myself we do have weekly and thorough tail gates on Monday, every Monday before the week starts. Its smart business. And our business though builds is about our people Our tail gate meeting don’t encompass safety guidelines we require them. What occurred last week is addressed and the responsibility for safety as everyone’s responsibility is stressed and stressed again; even if not your trade; make someone aware. Those weekly tail gates are then piggy backed on Monthly Tail gates that take place diligently and in greater detail.

    Safety is also the first item of agenda at weekly project meetings and they are not glossed over as a procedural requirement. Conclusion: We don’t need a Construction Safety Day, as it already is a daily occurrence and to those that don’t you’re likely not reaching them anyway

    I mention the above as this “construction safety day” glosses over. Yes for it won’t be heard of tomorrow

    I’d like to see these disengenuine feel good moments replaced with a process of diligence.

    • Melissa Dewey Brumback says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I agree that safety is a huge concern, and annual events, by themselves, do very little to make a dent (pardon the pun) in safety breaches. However, for those that don’t emphasize safety, perhaps for one day (or one week), someone improves their safety practices. It’s better than nothing, is my thought.

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